Meet our horses

Who will you saddle up with?

The horses and ponies at Hartwell Stables are specially chosen for their temperament and varied riding disciplines, ensuring children of all riding abilities get the most from their lessons in a safe and fun environment. 

My name is Serren and I'm a 12.2hh Chestnut Welsh Section A mare. I’m a favourite at the riding school and am used for a variety of different lessons and activities. I also love hacking around Wendover Woods with my best friend Toffee. 

My name is Mare and I’m a 16.1hh Irish Draught mare. Before retiring to Hartwell, I was a successful eventer and loved jumping. I mainly do private lessons now and enjoy complicated dressage tests. Everyone calls me Queen of the Yard because I love to keep a watchful eye over everyone. 

My name is Paris and I’m a 16.2hh Dutch Warmblood mare. I’m great for teenagers who like jumping, but I’m also calm enough for people who are returning to riding and need to re-gain their confidence. 

We are the Hartwell Shetlands Pixie and Dixie. We are 9hh and are used for beginners and grooming sessions. We have been in the Pony Club for eight years and love hacking.

My name is Charlie and I’m a 13.2hh Bay New Forest gelding. I’m used for lead-rein lessons and parties, as I’m very good at gymkhanas. I’m also good for novice/intermediate children because I love jumping and hacking. 

My name is Jolly and I’m a 14.2hh Welsh part-bred gelding. I love going to shows to compete in dressage and jumping, and I also enjoy hacking. I have a cuddly and playful nature and I’m very whizzy, so the more experienced children love taking me on a good canter and jump. 

My name is Molly and I’m a 11.1hh Welsh Section A mare. I’m brilliant on lead rein, and can be quite whizzy, which some of the children love. Before coming to Hartwell, I was a Pony Club and Show Jumping pony, so I also enjoy hacking and I’m always quick against the clock, despite being small. 

My name is Toffee and I’m a 13hh Bay Dartmoor mare. I do a variety of lessons at the riding school, including lead rein, off-lead rein, gymkhanas, hacking and jumping. I’m very popular for first canters as I’m steady and comfortable. 

My name is Ruby and I’m a 15.2hh Cob cross Irish Sports Horse mare. I enjoy going to shows and I excel in both dressage and jumping. I’m brilliant for children moving up from ponies to horses, and I’m great fun for teenagers and adults to ride a dressage test or jump a fair size course. 

My name is Maisie and I’m a 12hh Dartmoor mare. I’m mainly used for lead lessons, as I’m very good with young children. I used to lead a busy life as a Pony Club pony, but now I’m enjoying a slower pace at Hartwell, teaching children to trot. I also love being cuddled and groomed. 

My name is Clippie and I’m a 14.2hh Connemara and Arab cross mare. I used to enjoy going to shows and winning rosettes for dressage and jumping. Now I’ve retired, I enjoy a quieter life doing the occasional lessons with those wanting to perfect their flatwork. 

My name is Bailey and I’m a 13.2hh Grey Welsh Section C gelding. I’m used for a variety of different lessons and activities, and I love hacking, jumping and gymkhanas. I’m very good at first canters, as I'm very steady and comfortable.

My name is Taz and I’m a 14.2hh Chestnut Welsh D gelding. I’m used for a variety of different lessons and activities, and am very good at hacking and jumping. I’m also used for first canters, as I’m very safe and sensible. 

My name is Dandy and I’m a 11.2hh Grey Welsh Section A gelding. I’m a very good boy on lead rein and I love off-lead lessons, too. I’m also used for first canters, as I’m very steady and sensible. 

My name is Beanie and I’m a little 11.2hh Chestnut Welsh Section A gelding. I like to help you when you learn to ride on the lead rein, and for your first few times off the lead rein. My best friend is Dandy. 

My name is Bertie and I’m a 13.1hh Fell pony gelding. I’m the ultimate lead-rein pony, as I’m quite round and comfy to sit on. I’m also brilliant for learning the points of the horse on pony days, as I’m a bit of gentle giant. I love a cuddle and having my long mane and bushy tail groomed to perfection. 

My name is Flick and I’m a 16hh Black Irish Draught gelding. I’m a big friendly giant and can be ridden by a variety of different riders. I’m very good at jumping and hacking.

My name is Bodie and I’m a 12hh Black Welsh Section C gelding. I’m very good at jumping and lead-rein lessons. I’m usually ridden off-lead by more experienced children, as I love to canter! 

My name is Evie and I was born in May 2014. I came as a bit of a surprise for the staff at Hartwell because when they bought my mother, they had no idea she was pregnant. Sadly, my mum died a month after having me, but everyone loves me here. I'm looking forward to working with the children when I turn four.