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To make a booking enquiry, please either fill out the form below and submit it to us onlineor download the booking form in either a pdf or Word format and email it or send it via post, stating which dates you are interested in booking**. 
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Foxglove Farm, 
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Child's Name
RIDING ABILITY: I consider myself (or the person for whom I am signing on behalf of as a minor) to: *
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Data Protection Act 1998 Statement: I understand that the information I have been given will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 but may also be made available to insurers and other concerned parties in the event of injury or accident. I understand that my child must obey the instructions of the staff and instructors and must comply with the Health and Safety requirements of the establishment. *
In the event of accident, I will allow the establishment to check over my child and administer first aid if necessary. If I remove my child, this is entirely at my own risk. *
If you remove your child from the residential riding school at any point during the holiday, the full amount is still chargeable. *
Do you have any objections to your child being photographed during the holiday or riding activities to help build their riding portfolio? There is a possibility that these photos will be published in a Hartwell Riding Stables brochure, Foxglove Farm brochure, on their website and on Facebook. *
Please be aware that all personal possessions brought to Foxglove Farm and Hartwell Riding Stables are left completely at your own risk. Foxglove Farm Residential Riding Holidays and Hartwell Riding Stables will not accept responsibility in the event of accident or loss. *
Name of medication, Purpose, Dosage, Times given
MEDICAL CONSENT: In the event of my child needing any medical treatment whilst involved in a Hartwell Riding Stables Activity or Foxglove Farm Activity, I agree that Hartwell Riding Stables and Foxglove Farm Residential Riding Holidays may give consent for such treatment as seen necessary by a medical professional and whilst it is in the immediate best interest of my child’s well-being. I further consent to the medication I have detailed being administered by Hartwell Riding Stables and Foxglove Farm Residential Riding Holidays. I undertake to provide clearly labelled appropriate medicine and will notify any changes to the medicine detailed on this form. *
I confirm that to the best of my knowledge all of the details on this form are correct. *
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**While we endeavour to fulfil all booking requests, completing a booking request form is not a guaranteed booking until confirmed in writing by Foxglove Farm Residential Riding Holidays.

Please refer to Foxglove Farm Residential Riding Holidays Terms and Conditions