What they say about us...

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for last week. As you can see from the words they have written below, both girls had an incredible time and I can’t thank you, your family and everyone at the stables enough for the effort, attention to detail and care that so obviously went into each and every day. Amelie told me she tried to miss me but couldn’t quite manage it! Ella has grown in confidence so much that she came back on Friday and won 2 first place rosettes at her first ever pony show on Sunday!
I’d love for both girls to return. Can you let me have the next set of dates for this year and next so that I can book something in for them? Please feel free to use any of these words by way of online testimonial. And again thank you!

It was the greatest experience ever! I enjoyed every moment and Natasha took really good care of me and looked after me because I was the youngest there and usually don’t like sleepovers too much. I hope I can come back soon! I loved the horse riding, especially the ponies and the teachers. The dogs were so playful and fun in the evening and I loved driving the cars and jumping the dogs. I made new friends and good memories that I will never forget. Thank you for everything xx

This was the best holiday of my life! There wasn’t a single thing I would change about it. It was the very best riding experience I have ever had; I learned so much and I definitely want to come back as soon as I can. Foxglove farm was like my own home and everyone took such good care of me. I miss it!

Best wishes and we will see you again!

Jane, Ella and Amelie x

Foxglove Farm is a very nice place: it is big with a lot of space to run and it is also a lovely and cosy cottage. The bedrooms are nice with very comfortable beds. The food is so good, if we want we can cook it ourselves .If you don’t want to cook, you can play with the two friendly dogs: Tiger and Bumblebee, they are a lot of fun! Sometimes we can have tractor rides in the big fields to get some hay for the horses. Which is a very fun experience. Natasha is so kind, she goes shopping for us every day and she would wake up at 3:00 am if we have a problem. She would stay with us and tell us stories if we can’t fall asleep and  help children that are home sick as well. Each night we watch an episode of something we all like whilst drinking hot chocolate or tea. If we are watching a film and some if us don’t want to watch it we play with Natasha. At the end of the week, she gives us a Foxglove Farm t-shirt and we come back with new friends.

Hartwell Riding Stables is very nice. There are horses and ponies for every level. We ride a lot, and we do hacks and a “in hand “show. They are very nice. We learn so much, and we have a lot of fun. When you fall off, they will talk  and re-assure you. At lunchtime Natasha comes to pick us up for a delicious lunch, then we come back and we will ride for a second time in the afternoon. We do a lot of things like: feeds and learn about them, mucking out, we learn how to put rugs on and different types of rugs… There is always some thing to do. We also do a gymkhana. At the end of the week we do a big finale including; jumping and dressage and if we have time we do a jump show off! Which is very very fun! And parents can come and watch if they want. At the end we all get a rosette and they give you a book were you write all about the things you did every day and we can have pictures.

But I could explain all of this in a word; AMAZING or AWSOME…

The only down side is that you have to leave at the end of the week.

But it is a great place if you want to learn much more in riding and other horsy things and you have a lot of fun!

Really fun! I want to come every year!
The ponies are great. The brownies were the best. Make it longer. Worked out really well, it was a very friendly experience, it felt homefull (is that a word? I mean like a home).
Aisha (12), Buckinghamshire

Out of all my experiences, Foxglove was one of my greatest...
Everything was great, the food, the activities, the brownies made by Taylor,our pianist (me ! :)  ) played us Titanic, the activities at Hartwell with the ponies and the Landrover and tractor rides!!
Only one improvement... Make It Longer!!
Jude (11) 

I think that the Landrover rides were really good and the horse riding part of the day was really good as well. Charlotte and Lauren were really good teachers. If I'm honest I wouldn't change much about the camp except for maybe not doing the juggling! I really liked the food and I also liked the personal touch of getting a Foxglove Farm top. Thank you.
Emily (14) London

Foxglove Farm was a really welcoming place to stay and I felt very comfortable. The food was lovely and I got an experience of driving a Landrover and tractor. Alongside this our mentors at Hartwell were really funny and really helped me with riding my horse!
Taylor (14) London

Foxglove Farm was a really nice place to stay. The food was very good ( especially Taylor's brownies) and there was a good variety. I liked my room and I loved Tigger. 
I loved staying here and I love all the activities at Hartwell and it's really fun. I want to come every year because it's so much fun!
Stella (11) Buckinghamshire

This was Kai's second time on the Residential Pony Camp with Hartwell Riding Stables and Foxglove Farm.
He absolutely loved it!! And still hasn't stopped talking about. 
Jackie and the ladies at Hartwell had a fun filled week planned out, with plenty of activities each day. Kai is fanatical about riding and Horses especially, so to spend a whole week in their company, he was in his element!!
Natasha at Foxglove is the most caring and lovely lady. I had no qualms that my son was in safe hands. Natasha has a lovely set up there and Kai didn't want to come home and wanted to stay longer!! It was a home away from home for him. All the other children loved it just as much as Kai. 
Kai will be attending again next summer for sure.